Review iVTemplates On TrustPilot and Win!

$50 USD could be yours when you review iVTemplates on TrustPilot!

iVTemplates on TrustPilot

"Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement”

– G.S. Alag

We recently claimed our TrustPilot Page and we are rewarding customers that review iVTemplates on TrustPilot by sharing their sincere and honest opinions about their experiences with our products and services there!

Review iVTemplates on TrustPilot

Review iVTemplates on TrustPilot & WIN!

That's right! "Satisfied customer is the best source of advertisement” - because we know and understand this much, we need you; our customers to say it to the world where it can be seen, how our products and services are fairing to you.

...and in so doing, you could be rewarded.

How Can You Review to WIN $50 USD?

1. Use One of Our Qualified Themes On Your Blog

Before we can take your opinion and review about us on TrustPilot as being sincere and honest, you must be an existing user of either of our themes.

Only iVMega and iVMega Pro blogger templates users are currently qualified to enter this contest.

If you already have this template installed, good. Please proceed to the next step. And if you do not have either of the themes installed on your blog yet, kindly get either of the themes from their respective link linked from above.

You may decide to buy either of the themes from or from Archives - it's all good.

2. Visit and Drop Your Review on iVTemplates

Now that presumably you have purchased either of the qualifying themes and have it installed on your blog, you may now proceed to our profile page on TrustPilot and drop your reviews.

You can visit and in the search bar on the TrustPilot site, enter iVTemplates to search for us. You can also visit our profile page directly by clicking on the link below:

Go to TrustPilot

Please be informed that;

  1. Your Review must be sincere and honest. Because your review helps us decide on what to do to serve you better and also helps our other customers make informed decision on our products and services, it is essential that you provide us with an honest review and opinion.
  2. Your first name or the name used while making your purchase with us must appear as the reviewer name on TrustPilot.
  3. If you are a new customer (just purchased either of the qualifying themes), you must wait till after 7 days from the day you purchased the theme before you can participate in this contest - this is done to ensure that you are not giving your opinion in haste.

3. Rewards Awarded

Every 28th day of the month we reward our eligible TrustPilot reviewers with:

  1. $50 USD - goes to one lucky winner.
  2. Three lucky winners receive the full price (cost) paid for their qualifying theme.

What Should Be Noted:

  1. Rewards are sent to the same account with which you made payment for the product that qualified you for this contest.
  2. It should be noted that only customers who paid using PayPal accounts and cards can be credited. Customers who paid using BTC are not eligible to receive rewards.
  3. You can only win once. Customers who have won once are automatically withdrawn from subsequent draws in the contest.


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