Need A "Share to Telegram" Widget? This One is Best for Your Blog

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There are probably lots of widgets that let you share your blog posts to Telegram already, chances are, you will prefer this to the others because this is designed to outperform them both in speed and flexibility.

Before I go deeper into explaining how this simple "share to telegram" widget works, I think you would be interested in knowing why you should have a share to telegram widget ready on and visible to your blog visitors.

The simple answer is: traffic duplication.

How Does "Share to Telegram" Widget Duplicates your Blog Traffic?

It's simple.

Every blog has its own unique sets of visitors and each of these visitors has his or her own social platforms where he or she mingles. And since these visitors mingle in these social platforms, each of them must have friends or groups with which they interact.

Now, supposing you publish a content on your blogger blog and one of your blog loyal readers checked the content. Luckily, he or she loves the post, he could share the post to one of the social platforms he uses.

Point #1:

...share the post to one of the social platforms he uses.

I supposed you already noted down the point #1 from above?


Now, how do you possibly gain duplicate traffic to your blogger blog by simply installing "share to telegram" widget on your blog?

Where You Gain "duplicated traffic" from Share to Telegram Widget

Quiet often, most people belong to the same group their like-minded people belong on social platforms. It is also a fact that most people keep those they truly know in reality as friends on social platforms.

Point #2:

...most people belong to the same group their like-minded people belong on social platforms.

Based on the briefly fore listed facts, a single "share to telegram" act on your blog post could produce at least; another five (5) fresh new traffic or audience.

You ask how? Okay.

See this highlight:

  1. Let us assume you published a content titled; "post A" on your blogger blog.
  2. One of your blogger blog followers with the supposed name "B" reads the blog post and loves it.
  3. Your blog reader "B" now shares your blog post "Post A" to one of the groups he belongs on telegram.
  4. Most likely, Mr B has at least, 10 of his real-life friends in that same telegram group.
  5. Curious to know why Mr B shared the Post A on the telegram group and maybe because you have a really captivating post title for the blog post, a few of Mr B's real-life friends and a few of the group members are attracted to click through and visit your blog post. - already, you have got fresh new visitors to your blog post through Mr B's act of sharing your blog post to telegram.
  6. Now, the new visitors to your blog could repeat the same process as Mr B and on and on and on...

Exactly! that's a simplified explanation of how a simple "share to telegram" widget can produce massive duplicated traffic to your blogger blog.

So, if you are looking to boosting your blogger blog traffic on a daily basis, gaining ground in the social media community is one of the best options available to any blogger including you.

Guess what! Telegram is currently one of the best social media channels any blogger should earnest to its fullest advantage.

Although it is currently one of the best but if you ask me, I will tell you that Telegram is fast becoming the best social media platform and it will, soon. The earlier you grab this fact, the better for your blog.

...Telegram is fast becoming the best social media platform and it will, soon. The earlier you grab this fact, the better for your blog.

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Considering all the features that are effectively packed into the Telegram apps which are making it seem like an all-in-one social media platform, it definitely has the potential to soon become a number one in the IM (Instant Messaging) apps realm.

How to Embed "Share to Telegram" Widget in your Blogger Blog

It's easy.

All you have to do is to just copy (paste) the entire line of codes (provided below) within your blogger blog template precisely within your existing share widget.

share to telegram widget codes snippet:

<a expr:href='"" + data:post.url + "&text=" + data:post.title' rel='nofollow' target='_blank'><i class='fa fa-telegram'/></a>

That's it! Just copy (paste) the lines of codes in the code block above ideally within your existing share widget in your blogger template and save it.

How Does the "Share to Telegram" Widget Works?

#1. It Shares your Blog Post Link:

Of course, the primary reason for installing any social sharing widget on your blogger blog, is to enable your readers share your blog posts on the respective social sharing platforms and this simple "share to telegram" widget does just that.

#2. It Shares your Blog Post Title as Text

This feature automatically embeds your blog post title as the text that is shared with the blog post link each time someone attempts to share your blog post on Telegram using the widget.

What's so special about this? Telegram auto-generates the link title anyways?

Really, nothing is special about this feature but you'll find this feature useful and helpful when a telegram user that has link preview disabled in his Telegram settings sharing your blog post.

Thus, this feature allows your blog post title go with your link regardless of either the person sharing the post has link preview feature enabled or not.

What if I Want to Style the "Share to Telegram" Widget to Fit Well in My Blog?

Yes. I thought as much as it is necessary to style any share widget in a manner that allows it attract higher attention and clicks from the viewers and readers alike.

But unfortunately, before I can be able to provide an accurate set of codes and instructions for styling your blog social sharing widget, I need to know;

  1. Which sharing widget you are currently using on your blog.
  2. Your current blogger template. -this is only necessary in deciding the best alignment for better output.

Unless those points forelisted are made known, it is impossible to provide an accurate sets of codes for styling your entire share widget or just your share to telegram widget.

But of course, if you know a bit of CSS and JavaScript (or you can research), you should be able to come up with a strikingly beautiful design set that gives better results in terms of social share volumes in your blog social sharing widget.

Alternatively, you can contact us from here so that we can help you install the share to telegram widget on your blog or switch your entire blog social sharing widgets to one of our own best performing social sharing widget styles.

And you can also decide to check on our blogger templates which we have designed and optimized for best performance in speed, lead generation and conversion and for SEO in order to ensure your blogger blog gets maximum organic traffic possible.

Support "mention" and "hashtag" Feature Added to the "Share to Telegram" Widget

Similar to what we did with our share to Twitter widget, some of our followers and blogger theme users are already requesting that we do the same with our "Share to Telegram" widget in our blogger template. But no, we have not been able to do it.

What Did We Do with our "Share to Twitter" Widget?

  1. Our "Share to Twitter" widget notifies you (the blog owner) via twitter each time someone shares your blog post to Twitter.
  2. Our "Share to Twitter" widget also embed your blog post labels as #hashtags in the sharing post each time someone shares the posts to Twitter.

These two forelisted enhancements has being so loved by our blogger template users for two (2) major reasons:

  1. It helps boost their blog traffic.
  2. It allows them respond to some twitter sharing activities that require their response. Besides, they also get to appreciate and encourage their followers to share more of their blog posts.

Perhaps for similar purposes, some of them have being requesting that we do the same with our Share to Telegram Widget of which we have not been able to do!

And What's Delaying Us. You Asked?

Simply put; Telegram support.


Even if we make the necessary modifications in our templates such that telegram username (handle) and or hashtags are automatically embedded in our share to telegram widget, it won't make any difference because telegram does not support mentioning or #hashtagging yet.

So, How Can You Help Us Improve Our "Share to Telegram" Feature in this Regard?

Well, I believe the good guys at telegram always listen to their users because; like it or not, the success of any business lies in the love, affection and attention that business is able to enjoy from her users. -Telegram knows this much.

So, if you would like to see this "blogger blog Share to Telegram widget improved such that it automatically notifies you via Telegram each time someone shares your blog post using the widget, click any of the buttons below to cast your support.

Clicking any of the buttons below will take you to Twitter where you can tweet the pre-written text. Since @telegram is mentioned there, the good guys at telegram are notified - and I am sure we'll soon catch their attention.

Tweet in support for @mention

@telegram, I'd love to see @mention supported in share to telegram

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Tweet in support for both

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